The issue – flat screen tv repair

You just turned on your TV in Buffalo Gap, TX and suddenly the picture disappears just a second after it appeared, but you’re hearing the television program through the speakers. If this occurs, your LCD TV’s backlight has gone out. It is like a blown light bulb when you walk into a room, flip the switch and it suddenly blows – flat screen tv repair.

And now you are wondering what to do next.

Buffalo Gap Texas tv brokenOne of the most common issues responsible for Buffalo Gap LCD TV failure is backlight failure, but this is not a reason for you to replace your LCD TV. As a matter of fact, you can replace the backlight in Buffalo Gap, TX and do so affordably.

One way you can achieve LCD TV backlight replacement is to take the task on yourself or engage the services of a professional to do it for you, but there are times in which you can troubleshoot the issue on your own.

Troubleshooting TVs in Buffalo Gap, Texas

When the backlight goes, you can take on the task of replacing the inverter board if you can find the exact part. You can contact the manufacturer for this. If you cannot obtain the part, you may need to replace the entire LCD panel.



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But you may notice that there may be a note on the back of your TV that says “no serviceable parts.” This doesn’t mean that it can’t be fixed. This simply means you may have difficulty finding the parts in Buffalo Gap, Texas or nearby towns. Nevertheless, the job is usually as simple as removing the dead cathode and replacing it with a new inverter and tube. This is actually not as dangerous as opening up non-LCD TVs and trying to replace the parts.

As for what you invest in the task, it is possible for LCD TV backlight replacement in Buffalo Gap to take about thirty minutes of your time and cost you as little as $20. Online outlets, school surplus, and stores selling new and/or used replacement parts (flat screen tv repair) are places you can buy what you need.

Take note that you may need to desolder and solder wires depending on the model of your television.

Professional Tv Repairmen in Buffalo Gap, TX

Being that the job of LCD TV backlight replacement can take less than 30 minutes of your life and cost you very little, it can be difficult considering a professional from Buffalo Gap. However, not everyone is comfortable with taking their expensive LCD TV apart and desoldering, soldering, and putting in a replacement part.

A professional is able to find the part, take care of the installation, test it to make sure it is working, make it right if the TV is not working, and can offer some degree of a guarantee if the backlight fails within a certain amount of time. However, such a service does cost money and you must compare the cost of such a service (flat screen tv repair in Buffalo Gap Texas) to you buying a new television. If you find that buying a new television would be an option, then it would be worth you attempting the LCD TV backlight replacement on your own. If replacing the backlight on your own does not work, the amount of money you are out of is small and you can go forward with buying a new LCD TV in Buffalo Gap.

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